The Uniform Tour Bag

USD 50.00

Tour bag as we would like to call it the big brother of the gear bag. Tour bag comes in a larger size than that of the gear bag. We have designed the tour bag for guitarists who are a touring artists and can protect their pedals from the long distance travels. The tour bag is big enough to store all your pedals as well as your clothes and all your goodies for the ease of comfort and saves the burden of carrying many bags and can use only one bag while long distance travelling. Not just an average bag “The uniform Tour bag” is your companion for all purposes tailored for musicians .This multipurpose bag is made with a vision to accompany you with your pedal, laptop ,clothing’s and / or anything that fits you throw at it….whether you take it for your daily gigs or your band tour, it’s an easier platform with a stamp of Sahana Quality



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