Son of Rock Pujari (SORP) Pickup

USD 99.00

Tech Specs

  • Type:                                                              Mini Humbucker
  • Active/Passive:                                             Passive
  • Magnet Material:                                         Alnico V
  • Position:                                                         Bridge, Neck and Middle
  • Number of Conductors:                              4
  • Number of Strings:                                       6
  • Covering:                                                       uncovered
  • DC Resistance:                                              Bridge – 6.2k   ohm


Son of Rock Pujari is a pups born from our Rock Pujari (RP 17) Humbuckers. Those who own a Single coil Guitar but who wants our Rock Pujari Pickups which is our most dynamic and versatile pickup for those of players who are involved in playing every genre of music can use our SORP pickups to get the similar type of tone. This  Mini Humbucker resembles a Rock pujari humbucker, but is narrower in size and sense a shorter length of vibration because of which produces clearer ,brighter tones that are quite similar to our Rock Pujari Humbuckers. It fits perfectly in between single coils and full sized Humbuckers in the tonal spectrum. It directly correlates to less overall low-end content, slightly lower output, clearer tone with an abundance of high- end Sparkle .


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