Beast Pickup

USD 99.00

Tech Specs:

  • Type:                                      Humbucker
  • Active/Passive:                      Passive
  • Magnet Material:                  Ceramic
  • Position:                                  Bridge
  • Number of Conductors:       4
  • Number of Strings:               6/7
  • Covering:                               Uncovered
  • DC Resistance:                      Bridge 14.7k ohm


Beast the name Self-described. This humbucking bridge pickup is a great choice for players who wants that heavy aggressive tone. Twin Rail Ceramic magnet has been use to make these pickups because of the Stronger Field of the magnet which is often useful in high-output pickups to help retain high end that is lost due to over winding. The pickups lets you hit harder in the amp to get that heavy aggressive punchy tone. So this pups are suitable for players who plays metal music having said that we’ve adjusted the output and tuned the coils to different frequencies to create a powerful sound wide open with a surprisingly clean sound when the volume control is rolled down.


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